Los efectos del cambio climático son una realidad latente a nivel mundial, si bien es cierto, hay mayor concienciación con respecto a esta problemática, es necesario crear estrategias para fomentar la eficiencia energética, no sólo por parte de las empresas, es imprescindible una colaboración conjunta de la sociedad.

IA industria 4.0

Artificial Intelligence is being implemented in many areas, its use has and will continue to improve efficiency, accuracy and prediction in different processes. In the connected industry, AI is a valuable asset in manufacturing, logistics and prediction of anomalies.

Creating smart and sustainable cities is a challenge faced by many countries today. Cities have the highest population concentration and therefore consume the most energy, pollute the most and generate the greatest greenhouse effect. As a result, it is necessary to create solutions that help protect our environment.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created thousands of jobs related to the development and management of connected objects. These objects, already integrated in almost every sector, require engineers and technicians that will develop their software, their connectivity and their security.

When starting on a business project, one of the first steps is to do a general study of the current situation of the market in which we want to operate. A market analysis sheds light on market trends, the impact that the product or service may have and, above all, it creates a profile of our target market.

The BISITE Research Group continues teleworking on the ROBIN Project. The main objective of this Project is research into technologies and algorithms that will enable the design of a Fintech platform. The project is already in the second year of the justification phase with the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (C.D.T.I.). 

Avances del proyecto Smartsea en Brucelas

The “Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances 2019 projects Kick-off Meeting” has been held in Brussels in February. Its aim was to inform the institutions that coordinate Erasmus+ on aspects of administration, finances and dissemination, etc. 


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