The Centr@tec programme of the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) in collaboration with Air Institute continues to promote the digitisation of SMEs in the region. Proof of this is the latest conference held at the University of Salamanca, which brought together startups and SMEs in a technological learning environment. Under the title "Technological Training for Startups and SMEs: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity for your Company", the event focused on providing essential knowledge on two crucial areas for business development in the digital era.

The first day started with the presentation of the funding lines by José Francisco Diego Calvo, territorial delegate of ICE in Salamanca. The day continued with interesting sessions given by Juan Manuel Nuñez and Sebastián López Florez, AI specialists from the BISITE Research Group, who explored the latest trends and technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). From machine learning to natural language processing, participants had the opportunity to learn about the most recent developments and discuss how they can be applied in their own companies. The introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence aroused great interest, highlighting how this technology can drive creativity and innovation in organisations.

The second day focused on cybersecurity, an increasingly relevant topic in a digitally interconnected world, with AIR Institute cybersecurity specialist Sergio Mulas sharing his knowledge with session participants. From enterprise cybersecurity awareness to data protection and legal and regulatory implications, attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of how to protect their digital assets and address today's cybersecurity challenges.

The event was a unique opportunity for startups and SMEs to gain practical knowledge and strategies for integrating artificial intelligence and cybersecurity into their business operations.

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