La semana pasada, el Grupo de Investigación BISITE de la Universidad de Salamanca tuvo la oportunidad de participar en la décima edición de Startup Olé. Como cada año, Salamanca se ha convertido en el epicentro de la innovación, el emprendimiento y la tecnología, albergando durante tres días a cientos de startups, empresas, proyectos e inversores de distintos países. Hemos presentado algunos de los proyectos que estamos llevando a cabo, además de la formación en materia tecnológica.

During the 20th session of the International Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence (DCAI 2023), the Special Session on the next generation of IoT infrastructures, cybersecurity, and applications (IoTalentum) will be held. The 2023 edition of DCAI will be held in Guimarães (Portugal) from 12 to 14 July and is expected to bring together more than a hundred researchers and professionals from different areas.

The fifth edition of the International Blockchain and Applications Conference (BLOCKCHAIN'23) will take place in Guimarães from July 12-14, 2023. This annual event will bring together experts and researchers in blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT), who will share projects, ideas, conferences and advances related to these technologies and their application areas. In addition, this meeting will be held in the same location as the PAAMS'23 conference.

The 15th edition of the International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Technology (ICBBT 2023) will be held on May 26-28, 2023, in Xi'an, China.  Juan Manuel Corchado Rodríguez, director of the BISITE Research Group will participate as publicity chair of the ICBBT, where he will present interesting data on bioinformatics and projects in this field.

In recent years, cities have intensified the incorporation of digital technologies in urban services. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G connectivity or Big Data are among the many that are being applied with the aim of designing safer, cleaner and more sustainable cities.

The conference was held on 3 November at the Palacio de Congresos and was attended by more than 40 experts, entrepreneurs, institutions and companies. The aim of this event was to discuss the opportunities that Salamanca currently offers in terms of business, innovation and research, with the aim of providing those present with ideas and experiences for the appropriate development of the province.


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