SSCt 2023 (Sustainable Smart Cities and Territories International Conference) is an international conference taking place in Manizales from 21 to 23 June. The event will bring together many researchers, developers, and companies from the technology sector. The aim is to establish a debate on scientific and technical advances in the field of smart cities and territories, through various presentations and academic contributions that can also be followed online.

After the first ever edition held in Doha (Qatar), the 2023 edition organised by the University of Caldas, the University of Salamanca, the BISITE Research Group, the AIR Institute and the IoT Digital Innovation HUB, will feature topics of interest and current technological developments, including:

  • Success stories and the challenges of smart cities and territories.
  • Smart infrastructures (networks, 5G, grids...).
  • Urban mobility and smart transport systems.
  • Smart travel and tourism.
  • Open data and big data.
  • Smart health and emergency management.
  • Human-machine interaction.
  • Data security and blockchain.

Following the success of the first edition, this year's conference will once again feature speakers with outstanding knowledge and expertise, who will be giving open-access lectures. Among them are Dr. Yves Demazeau, Director of Research at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris and one of the world's leading experts in artificial intelligence; Dr. Carlos Fernando da Silva Ramos, coordinating professor at the Higher Institute of Engineering in Porto, and Dr. Rafael Pastor Vargas, Director of the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering at the National University of Distance Education (Spain).

To begin, the welcome will feature the first workshops and seminars, such as the International Workshop on Climate Change, Tourism and Education and the International Workshop on Systems Applied in Adaptive Smart Areas. These workshops will cover topics such as climate change, environmental education, tourism management, multi-agent systems, smart agriculture and agricultural robotics, among many others. On Wednesday, later in the day, a tutorial will be held on "Blockchain and Smart Cities: A Perfect Match", where Dr. Rafael Pastor Vargas will talk to the attendees about the different applications of blockchain technology in smart cities, such as efficient mobility management.

The main program of the event will take place on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd and will feature a series of conferences and sessions, including the Opening, which will be attended by the Rector of the University of Caldas, Fabio Hernando Arias Orozco; the Director of Digital Government of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, Ana María Sterling; the Governor of the Department of Caldas, Luis Carlos Velásquez Cardona; the Mayor of Manizales, Carlos Mario Marín Correa; the Deputy Secretary General of the University of Salamanca and member of the BISITE Research Group, Fernando de la Prieta, and Professor at the University of Caldas and the National University of Colombia, Luis Fernando Castillo Ossa.

The schedules of the different sessions, conferences, workshops, and forums, as well as additional information, can be found on the conference website:

SSCt 2023 is made possible by the collaboration of allies and sponsors: the Government of Caldas, People Contact, the Secretariat of ICT and Competitiveness of the Mayor's Office of Manizales, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the National University of Colombia, the Autonomous University of Manizales, the University of Manizales, the Events and Conventions Office of Caldas, the Chamber of Commerce of Manizales for Caldas and the BIOS Technological Development Centre.


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