The City Council of Salamanca, the USAL and the UPSA, in collaboration with the Ramón Areces Foundation and the scientific endorsement of various entities, held a tribute to the figure of Santiago Ramón y Cajal on 10 April at the Teatro Liceo.

During the event , the figure of the doctor and scientist as an academic and exemplary citizen was vindicated through lectures by a wide range of figures and experts who served to disseminate the values of Ramón y Cajal. In addition, a series of prizes were awarded to Doctors Adolfo García-Sastre and Javier Bravo Cordero with the Cajal ZEISS Trajectory Award, as well as the researchers José Antonio Garrido Cárdenas and Juan González Fernández with the 1st Cajal and Parasitology Award and the bioinformatics analyst Enrique Vázquez de Luis with the 1st Cajal and Artificial Intelligence Award. The work of different educational and occupational centres was also recognised.

The event was very enriching and emotional, with interesting presentations that have helped to raise awareness and nurture a culture of recognition of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, promote the creation of the Cajal and Neurosciences Museum and foster scientific groups committed to his values.

Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance, and a compilation book from the conference will soon be available in the History of Medicine collection of Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca.

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