The students of the Master's Degree in Alzheimer's Disease Intervention at the University of Salamanca have been able to witness, first hand, the progress of the PILL-E project. This project arises within the call for Service-Learning of the University of Salamanca and is being carried out thanks to the work done within the subject "Entrepreneurship", taught by our colleague at BISITE, Javier Parra, and the work of the students taking this subject. In addition, the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer's Patients in Béjar and Region (AFABECO) is collaborating in this project.

PILL-E is an innovative device designed to facilitate interaction between the patient and the machine during the medication-taking phase. Specifically designed for patients with advanced dementia, this interactive pill dispenser represents a milestone in the treatment of this disease in Spain. Its main objective is to provide direct assistance to the patient, thus improving their quality of life and the effectiveness of their treatment.

During the talk given at the R&D&I building of the University of Salamanca, Federico López Simón, one of the students of the master's degree, presented his proposal for the device, within the subject "Entrepreneurship", coordinated by Professor Javier Parra, to the students of the subject "ICTs in the evaluation-intervention of people with Alzheimer's disease and their environment". Beatriz García, Director of AFABECO, was also in attendance and expressed her support for this project, which is fundamental to its success.

PILL-E's conception represents a collaborative effort between students, research and patient associations, demonstrating the power of collaboration in the search for innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges in healthcare. This device not only promises to improve the treatment of patients with advanced dementia, but also offers hope and support to families affected by the disease.

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