"A catalyst for European Cloud Services in the era of data spaces, high-performance and edge computing" (NOUS), has taken a step towards the future of cloud technology with a recent strategic workshop. During this event, project partners came together to explore key technologies, identify gaps and define the requirements needed to achieve the ambitious goals of NOUS.

At the workshop, project partners presented a variety of innovative technologies that will be applied in the framework of NOUS. From edge computing to supercomputers and quantum computing, they discussed the tools and techniques that will drive the development of a cutting-edge European Cloud Service.

In addition to an overview of key technologies, workshop participants shared past experiences and discussed best practices in the field of cloud computing. Knowledge sharing was instrumental in identifying the most effective and efficient solutions to address the challenges identified by NOUS.

The NOUS project aims to develop a European Cloud Service architecture that will enable the use of computational and storage resources from a wide range of devices, including edge devices and supercomputers. This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) will transform Europe's ability to process large amounts of data and foster innovation across the region.

As the next step, a second workshop will be held with external stakeholders to receive feedback on the selected solutions and to give visibility to the NOUS project in a broader context.


NOUS – Project no. 101135927 

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