Last week, the BISITE Research Group from the University of Salamanca had the opportunity to participate in the tenth Startup Olé. As every year, Salamanca has become the epicenter of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, hosting hundreds of startups, companies, projects and investors from different countries for three days. We have presented some of the projects we are carrying out, alongside offering tech training.

On the first day, we gave a talk at our venue, where we presented the LIFE Vía de la Plata project. This initiative is being developed together with the Municipal Housing and Urban Planning Board, the Salamanca City Council, the Oceanic Geosciences Group of the University of Salamanca and the Unesco Chair of the UPV/EHU. The conference was attended by the Councilor for the Environment and Animal Welfare of Salamanca City Council, María José Coca. The technicians involved in the project described the activities that are being undertaken as part of the LIFE Vía de la Plata project, which will create a large green corridor along the 6.9 km of this cattle route as it passes through Salamanca.

The next few days saw the presentation of different projects at our stand, including InTrack, an electronic device worn on the body (wearable technology) which stems from the need for a tool that would monitor the evolution of a patient's knee recovery, mainly designed for anterior cruciate ligament ruptures.

Another of our projects was DataLogger, in which we have designed and developed the 'Data Logger Gateway Edge - IIoT' device for capturing, storing, processing and sending data oriented towards the internet of things (IoT) in the field of renewable energy generation facilities.

Training in new technologies 

Throughout the event, we were able to present our training offer in technological matters. The BISITE group organises different qualifications, including the Master's Degree in Digital Transformation, the Master's Degree in Internet Security, the Master's Degree in Digital Animation and the Master's Degree in Smart Cities. In October, it will start the 2023/24 programme, which is still open to students. For more information, click here

We also had the opportunity to present the e4you course platform, which now offers more than 60 free courses, including the C1b3rWall Academy programme, developed in collaboration with the National Police. 

Our participation in Startup Olé 2023 has been enriching and has allowed us to have first-hand feedback on the projects and activities we have underway.

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