During the 20th session of the International Conference on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence (DCAI 2023), the Special Session on the next generation of IoT infrastructures, cybersecurity, and applications (IoTalentum) will be held. The 2023 edition of DCAI will be held in Guimarães (Portugal) from 12 to 14 July and is expected to bring together more than a hundred researchers and professionals from different areas. They will be able to learn about the progress of the IoTalentum project, including how to develop the next generation IoT and use it for the development of any IoT application.

The IoTalentum session at DCAI23 aims to maximise the value of research results by promoting knowledge exchange, interactions, partnerships and inclusive engagement between IoT researchers, individuals and organisations outside the immediate research community, foster the application and transmission of research results, and communicate research results and knowledge gained between researchers and stakeholders.

During the conference, different topics related to the raison d'être of the project will be addressed, among them: new cybersecurity solutions to maintain the integrity of the highly distributed IoT infrastructure (IoTalentum) acting on different layers, end-to-end, autonomous and flexible control (assisted by artificial intelligence techniques) for a heterogeneous infrastructure of next generation IoT based on 5G with optical backhaul, equipped with the distributed computing and storage resources of the Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) paradigm; the development of next generation IoT smart grid solutions and services; new IoT device applications, Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT); new IoT architectures; distributed machine learning for IoT applications, and data aggregation and management for IoT applications.

This will be a fascinating session and an opportunity to learn about the next generation of IoT infrastructure, cybersecurity and applications.

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