prisma project

The Ministry of Industry finances the Prisma Project, with file TSI-101000-2016-008, through the European FEDER funds. The Project is being developed by Isotrol and the University of Salamanca through the BISITE Research Group. These funds aim to promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

The purpose of Prisma, is to create a computer platform for data management in companies. The aim of the platform is to optimize all the stages of the  industrial process, making the planning and management of product manufacture much more efficient


Care of the environment and increases in the price of electricity are two, very current issues and we hear and read news on these topics daily. Such has been its importance in the last years that research, at the service of citizens, has used all its tools  to solve or at least improve the existing situation.

The ecoCASA project will address the problem of energy efficiency from the human dimension, helping to understand users’ energy consumption in the context of their needs, capacities, resources and individual and organizational motivations. Thanks to this new dimension, end users will be provided with quality information, clearly presenting both their limitations and their social and cultural opportunities, which will allow them to pursue a behavioral change that leads to an increased energy efficiency and independence at the individual level.


"The customer is our king." Nowadays, this statement is becoming increasingly meaningful. Consumers are now the center around which companies spin. The arrival of internet and the new way in which we share computer technology is what has been the cause of this shift. Currently, the web portal of any company is a showcase, for the whole world, of the services it provides or the products it sells. 


On the 22nd and 23rd of March, the second annual workshop of the Dream Go project, "Real-time demand response and intelligent direct load control", is taking place in Salamanca. The reason for these annual meetings is to give opportunity to all participants to catch up on the progress of the project, the Instituto Politécnico Do Porto (Portugal),  Universitaet Duisburgessen (Germany) and ISA Energy Efficiency (Portugal) Nebusens SL (Spain) and Discovergy (Germany) and, of course, our colleagues from the BISITE Research Group (University of Salamanca, Spain). This project has been in constant development since February 2015 and will be completed by January 2019.



The monitoring of data in different areas and the subsequent intelligent control has become an important  field of research and development that can be applied in various domains: patients, the elderly, animals, crops and soils.

These possibilities have been the reason for the creation of the EKRUCAmI Project in 2013, which had been in continuous development until the end of last year, a period of fruitful international collaboration between the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (Portugal), Catholic University of Daegu (Republic of Korea) National University of Sunchon (Republic of Korea) and the BISITE Research Group (University of Salamanca, Spain).



Energy efficiency adapted to the user

The SURF project proposes an improvement in urban mobility. The project includes the participation of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, King Juan Carlos University and the BISITE Research Group of The University of Salamanca.

Framed within the challenge of the Sustainable, Smart and Inclusive Transport strategy, one of the seven social challenges identified by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 program, it aims to contribute to the new model of smart city


The online platform PIAR is presented as a technological challenge within the framework of cybersecurity.

Although its initial purpose was detect potential network threats, since that makes it possible to find influencers and identify how they act, its marketing orientation can make it an essential tool in improving the brand image of any company.


How to manage the human resources of your company with a single platform?

The SOGESCLOUD project is a tool that facilitates the management of human resources.

It consists of a system of social computing on a cloud computing environment with a configurable architecture that adapts to the main needs of each company.


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