In the constant search to improve competitiveness in the primary sector, the AGROSTATION project is an innovative initiative that arises from the TCUE University-Business Knowledge Transfer Plan, thanks to the previous experience of the BISITE Research Group in agricultural projects. This project responds to the pressing need to implement advanced technologies that not only optimise agricultural processes, but also place the sector in a stronger competitive position.

Within AGROSTATION, specialised electronic devices have been developed that not only improve the measurement of parameters in agricultural facilities, but also automate processes that were previously carried out manually. 

At the heart of this innovation is an electronic device that integrates various specialised components for environmental data monitoring and irrigation automation. Communication takes place via LoRaWAN technology, which is specially adapted for agricultural environments.

The innovative features of AGROSTATION

Modularity: The system architecture has been designed with a modular approach, allowing each component to be independent and replaceable. This not only streamlines and reduces maintenance costs, but also makes it possible to add new hardware as needed.

LoRaWAN protocol: The use of this communications protocol gives AGROSTATION a unique position on the market. Its low competition and differentiating features, such as high autonomy and low power consumption, make it ideal for agricultural environments that are difficult to access. This protocol not only stands out for its energy efficiency, which allows the devices to have a long service life, but also for its ability to cover large distances, even several kilometres between the transmitter and the nearest gateway.

AGROSTATION integrates easily with a variety of applications, whether commercial or customised, as long as they have API Rest integration. This project is presented as a comprehensive solution that not only meets the current needs of the primary sector, but also lays the foundation for future developments and improvements.


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