Once again, we participated in Startup Olé, an international conference that has just held its 8th event and has once again positioned Salamanca as the world's epicenter of the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem. On this occasion the event was attended by more than 160 startups and 800 speakers. Thanks to this we had the opportunity to present several of the projects we are developing to the thousands of attendees at the event.

BISITE-Startup Olé

During this fair we have been able to connect with different institutions and companies interested in learning more about our projects and thus establish potential synergies. The projects we presented at Startup Olé feature sensor technology for data capture and subsequent verification in an application that collects all the information. Some of the presented projects are:  


This is a Data Logger Gateway Edge-IIoT device for capturing, storing, processing and sending data aimed at the Internet of Things "IoT" technology within the field of renewable energy generation facilities.

CO2 project

An IoT device, called Deep Air Control 4.0, capable of monitoring air quality and detecting indoor environments with insufficient ventilation, and a web platform that allows for interaction with the devices, the collected data and the alerts generated by the monitoring.

BISITE Startup Olé 2022 BISITE Startup Olé 2022

Investigadores del Grupo BISITE en Startup Olé

Training in new technologies

The event has also allowed us to disseminate training options in the main technologies we are researching. In October, new Master’s and Experts' courses coordinated by the BISITE group, will begin, with which students can attain some of the most demanded qualifications, among them:

  • Master and Expert in Internet of Things - http://iot.usal.es
  • Master and Expert in Digital Animation - http://animaciondigital.usal.es
  • Master and Expert in Internet Security - http://seguridad.usal.es
  • Master's Degree and Expert in Blockchain - https://blockchain.usal.es 
  • Master's Degree and Expert in Digital Transformation - https://transformaciondigital.usal.es/
  • Master and Expert in 3D Printing - https://impresion3d.usal.es/
  • Master and Expert in Smart Cities & Intelligent Buildings https://smartcities.usal.es/es (taught in English)
  • Master's Degree in ICT Resources in the Teaching-Learning Process https://recursostic.usal.es/  
  • Expert in Documentary Expertise https://periciadocumental.usal.es/
  • Expert in Labor Relations https://gestionlaboral.usal.es/ 

Researchers from BISITE Group at Startup Olé

If you are interested in any of these degrees you can pre-register here until September 19, if you have any questions, you can contact us at (formacionbisite@usal.es).

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