Yves Demazeau, French researcher at the LIG Computer Science Laboratory in Grenoble and External Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, has visited Salamanca to work with the BISITE research team. Having edited 22 books or proceedings and authored or co-authored 143 scientific publications, he is known worldwide as one of the fathers of multiagent systems, which have been the focus of his research for the last 23 years.

The organization of multiagent systems is centered on the interaction established between two or more elements (agents) in a collaborative environment, which combines the work performed among various machines or between machines and humans. This research area is directly related to the concept of smart city and artificial intelligence, and its use spans various applications, including managing logistics operations, telecommunications and interactive videogames, among others.

Yves Demazeao introduced Vowels, one of the first methodological proposals for the development of multiagent systems, and serves as professor and researcher with various international groups, which now includes the BISITE team.

he reason for Professor Demazeau’s visit to Salamanca is twofold: first, to coordinate efforts for Secondly, the French researcher will participate in one of the projects coordinated by BISITE under the direction of Juan Manuel Corchado, of the relationship between humans and computational systems. The objective of this research is to develop a Cloud architecture that will optimize the processes that are established in this type of relationship and improve aspects such as elasticity, work balance and security, which are critical in this type of system. This project, which will include the collaboration of Salamanca-based businesses, is financed by the regional council of Castile and Leon.

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