Máster en Internet de las cosas

The Internet of Things has meant a radical change in the way we perceive our reality and that of the objects that surround us. This technology makes it possible to digitize any type of object, establishing a connection between different machines and enabling the interaction between people and machines.

With our Master in Internet of Things you can acquire the necessary knowledge for the design, development, interconnection or programming of any device and its implementation in the right environment

Máster en Industria 4.0

The new value chain, Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0, goes beyond the mechanical process of creating a product. With the incorporation of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big dataRobotics and even Blockchain, the aim is to make more efficient, sustainable and personalized use of resources.


New technologies are penetrating many sectors at a global scale. The worlds of business, health and education have taken a radical turn and are continuing to progress in this direction with the incorporation of robotsartificial intelligenceBlockchainIoTBig data and much more.


As a result of constant technological change, the effectiveness of traditional project management methods has diminished. For this reason, alternative management techniques have been designed which are more suited to today's context and can achieve more optimal results.


The times in which we live make staying safe on the internet crucial. What we do online does not stay shielded from fraudulent activities which include robbery, identity theft, system or software hacking.


The second course, “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: automatic learning and neural networks”

The influence of artificial Intelligence (AI) on our lives is becoming increasingly visible. AI can be defined as a combination of algorithms that intend to simulate human activities and even exceed human intelligence.


Nowadays, many sectors use the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. We often fail to notice the fact that the majority of the items we buy can be connected to internet, these items will generate a large amount of information, which may be used to carry out behaviour and habit studies or for future inventions.


Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), have become an everyday element of our society, aiding businesses in the development of their strategies. The University of Salamanca and our BISITE Group, have introduced a degree targeted at ICT professionals. The Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems teaches students to manage the tools that they will need to direct ICT projects, successfully expanding their employment opportunities.  


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