Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of our lives. Did you know that Spain is the European country with the most smartphones per capita in Europe, specifically, 55.2% of Spaniards have a mobile device while the European average is 46.7%.

However, smartphones are not only used to call and send messages, nowadays we use them to access an infinite number of applications that are available for download. A mobile application is a tool that provides the user with the possibility to access platforms that offer a specific service or functionality via a smartphone or tablet.

As you know, with applications you can carry out from online shopping to watch your favorite series in streaming, in short, there is a wide range of possibilities.

Software development for iOS and Android

The market for iOS, Android and cross-platform application development is booming and will continue to do so. Many sectors see it as a fundamental alternative for better customer service, ease of use, and to simplify their offering on the market on which they operate.

None of this would be possible without the skill of a developer. They are responsible for creating the apps that we tend to use to, for example, buy airline tickets, to book your vacation, your accommodation, and even your vacation activities. Best of all, it can be done from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone. 

Technology is a world that advances by leaps and bounds and changes constantly, today's trends may be outdated tomorrow, to keep up, we must acquire new knowledge continuously.

Due to the demand for mobile devices and for the different apps that make our lives easier, specialized professionals are required in this area, capable of undertaking IT projects, as both, programmers and managers of a development team.

The Master's Degree in Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development of the University of Salamanca and the BISITE Research Group, offers students the opportunity to learn about different technologies, Swift language, and the basics of animation for video games, among others. The participants will master the world of mobile telephony, the development of cross-platform web applications and software for Android and IOS. In addition, students will acquire notions of cybersecurity, as well as the legal system.

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