On May 2 the BOE published in the Official Spanish Gazette published a resolution appointing our colleague Alfonso González Briones as Associate Professor at the University of Salamanca, in the area of knowledge of "Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence".

Our colleague presented a detailed report of his Teaching and Research Project in the area of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, the event was held on 28 April and was attended by Professors Dirk Sascha Ossowski and Holger Billhardt from the University Rey Juan Carlos, Professor Angélica González Arrieta from the University of Salamanca, as well as Juan Manuel Corchado, Director of the BISITE group and faithful witness of Alfonso's work and dedication over the years. 

Plaza-Alfonso Gonzalez BrionesDirk Sascha Ossowski, Holger Billhardt, Alfonso González Briones, Angélica González Arrieta and Juan Manuel Corchado during the presentation of the report at the University of Salamanca.

Alfonso completed his PhD in Computer Engineering in 2018 at the University of Salamanca; his thesis was awarded second place in the I SENSORES+CIRTI Prize for the best national thesis on Smart Cities (CAEPIA 2018). At the same University he had also obtained the degree of Technical Engineer in Computer Science (2012), the degree in Computer Engineering (2013), and a Master's Degree in Intelligent Systems (2014).

Throughout these years, he has worked in different public and private research centres, including our research group, the Complutense University of Madrid as "Juan De La Cierva" or as project manager of Industry 4.0 and IoT projects at AIR-Institute or the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

Alfonso González Briones during the presentation of the report at the University of Salamanca.

His research interests include ubiquitous computing, machine learning, deep learning and ambient intelligence for the development of smarter and more energy efficient cities that improve social welfare and sustainable development. Alfonso has published more than 30 journal articles, more than 60 articles in books and international conference proceedings.

Congratulations Alfonso on your appointment at USAL!


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