Scientific dissemination is a fundamental task of the BISITE Research Group at the University of Salamanca. One of its objectives is to bring research closer to the general public, including children. With this in mind, Pablo Armenteros, data scientist at BISITE, took part this week in an activity entitled "A dream of the future", at the Salesianos de Pizarrales School in Pizarrales.

Our colleague talked to fifty children in 5th and 6th grades of primary school about some of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, as well as technology and STEM disciplines. To make it an enjoyable activity for children aged between 10 and 12, the researcher delivered a proactive presentation that included a range of participatory activities, such as having each child write down on a piece of paper where they think Artificial Intelligence can be found.

Pablo Armenteros and Ana Delgado, during the presentation to the students.

Pablo Armenteros also explained to the students the academic path he had followed to get to work as a data scientist at BISITE, and the importance of STEM careers. He also gave the students some insight into the projects being developed by the team in which he works, such as ANAPHYS, which consists of creating a system for the recognition and classification of physiotherapy exercises, a visual example, as it is performed by extracting the coordinates or feature marks of the person performing the exercise. He also talked about another project on particle detection, the development of algorithms for autonomous driving, the detection of fake news and the extraction of customer information in shops.

Image of one of the projects presented to the students.

The activity ended with a 10-question kahoot in which students participated in teams of 4-5 (10 teams in total), and in which he evaluated the participants' attention and engagement in the presentation.

There was also a Q&A session in which, together with his colleague Ana Delgado, Pablo Armenteros answered the students' questions.

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