We would like to congratulate our colleague, Inés Sittón, whose excellent PhD Thesis "Intelligent Edge Computing Architecture for IoT environments”, has been recognized by the University of Salamanca with the Extraordinary PhD Award for the 2019-20 academic year

Tribunal tesis de Inés Sittón-BISITE

Juan M. Cochado, Belén Pérez Lancho, Sara Rodríguez, Inés Sittón, Rafael Corchuelo, Paulo de Oliveira Novais, during the thesis presentation at USAL

Inés, who comes from Panama, did a research stay at our group, where she also completed her thesis under the supervision of Juan Manuel Corchado and Sara Rodríguez. Her research proposes a technological solution that consists in the design of a global architecture which integrates Edge Computing technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). The architecture proposed in the research is called the Global Edge Computing Architecture (GECA) and contributes to an efficient processing of data generated by large numbers of IoT devices, which are currently part of our environment. 


Inés Sittón at the PROPANAMÁ offices

Inés' excellent work has allowed her to be appointed Head of Information Technology at PROPANAMA, the Panamanian State Agency for the promotion of exports and attraction of investments under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She also participates as co-investigator in the EPIDEMPREDICT for COVID-19 project, funded by SENACYT with the participation of the GITCE Group from the Technological University of Panama and our BISITE research group, in collaboration with the AIR Institute, CEMCIT-AIP and SNI-Panama.

We are very proud of all your successes Inés!

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