Within the Centr@Tec Programme of the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) in collaboration with the AIR Institute, a new conference was held for SMEs interested in learning about funding opportunities and the main Generative AI tools. 

The conference was held at the AIR Institute facilities in Salamanca and brought together businessmen and entrepreneurs interested in learning about initiatives such as the Digital Kit to improve the digital transformation of the self-employed and SMEs.

The activity was opened by Juan Manuel Corchado, Professor of the University of Salamanca, an expert in Artificial Intelligence. José Francisco Diego Calvo, territorial delegate of the ICE in Salamanca, continued the presentation with an explanation of the characteristics of the programme and the main lines of ICE funding.

Juan M. Corchado, during the inauguration of the conference

José Francisco Diego Calvo, during the presentation of the ICE's lines of financing

The session continued with the participation of Cristina Timón Gil, from the Salamanca Chamber of Commerce, who presented the Digital Kit programme, a public initiative of economic aid financed by the Next Generation EU funds. She also gave information to the attendees about the Acelera Pyme Office, also based in the Chamber of Commerce. The latter aims to promote digital transformation through the adoption of a culture, continuous use and exploitation of ICTs.

Cristina Timón Gil, presenting the Kit Digital and Oficina Acelera Pyme programmes

Generative AI in the enterprise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies with the greatest impact today, and different sectors are making use of it to improve operations. Raúl García Serrada, AI expert at AIR Institute, gave a talk on "Generative AI (ChatGPT) and its potential for the company", a talk focused on the application of Generative AI in the business environment, where he provided the first theoretical basis for implementing these technologies in companies, promoting and helping in their digitisation. 

Raúl García Serrada, during training in Generative AI

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