Iberdrola Retail, in collaboration with the BISITE Research Group from University of Salamanca, is embarking on an ambitious project known as the Edge Power Meter. This project seeks to develop and test a set of Edge Nodes, to redefine the way power consumption is monitored and managed at the hadware (Edge) layer level. Edge technology makes it possible to bring artificial intelligence to the sensors that compute the data, so that the information is processed at the place where it is generated without the need to transport it to the cloud. This increases efficiency and reduces communications costs.

Members of Edge Power Meter project during a follow-up meeting in October 2023 celebrated

The project aim to optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of electrical systems, all while minimizing environmental impact, defining new innovative design of the different components of the system and architecture of the system.

The Edge Power Meter project leverages the power of edge computing, artificial intelligence, and IoT technology to create a new generation of power meters. These meters will be incorporated into Edge Nodes, which will be connected to various devices already in use in the AI-BEMS project. These nodes will work in tandem with algorithms developed for the ASA platform, marking a pivotal moment in advancing smart energy management.

The key objectives of the Edge Power Meter project encompass a comprehensive hardware cost analysis to ensure consumer affordability, the development of a cost-effective Edge Node Power Meter, generation of platform and integration of Edge Node Management System (ENMS) functionalities, the integration and execution of a selected ASA use case within the Edge Node, and the pivotal Qatar and Spain pilot test, which not only tests the system but also lays the foundation for future innovations within environment, collectively driving this ambitious project towards revolutionizing energy management and consumption optimization.

Project researchers testing the smart platform

The Edge Node Power Meter is designed to facilitate communication with a network of integrated sensors in the houses, utilizing technologies such as WiFi and Zwave. It will connect to the Cloud platform (ENMS) to transmit data to the server and perform higher-level computations that do not require low latency. With significant processing capacity for advanced data analysis and streamlined AI models, the Edge Node will manage intelligence within the household's infrastructure.

This design addresses the need to distribute information processing, creating a robust and intelligent system capable of both independent operation and various cloud connectivity options. It offers a higher level of monitoring and aggregation of information, optimizing energy consumption while maintaining user comfort.

This project is an evolution of the AI-BEMS project financed by the QNRF of the Qatar Foundation, a joint effort involving researchers from the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca in collaboration with the AIR Institute, Iberdrola, the Hamad Bin Khalifa University of Doha (Qatar), and the Qatari electricity and water supply company Kahramaa. The AI-BEMS project focuses on building energy management systems that empower users to control electrical elements and equipment in their homes and workplaces to enhance energy efficiency.

Members of Iberdrola Retail and Researchers from USAL in Madrid 

This project will generate significant savings in electricity consumption in homes, which will benefit both the planet helping to combat climate change and consumers, who will be able to save money.

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