The idrECO project emerges in the dynamic scenario of energy and sustainability, a proposal of the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Malaga and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.  With the aim of addressing the pressing challenges of climate change, this initiative seeks to redefine the energy landscape through smart and efficient Renewable Energy Communities (RECs).

idrECO goes beyond technological innovation, it is a multidisciplinary effort that encompasses engineering, technology and social sciences. Its core objective is to develop innovative business models and use cases for RECs using advanced digital technologies. This dual approach aims to optimise the operation of communities and encourage the active participation of users and society.

idrECO's strategic subprojects

The project is divided into four strategic sub-projects, each vital to the success of the RECs:

BESS4REC: Optimising energy storage and battery systems to improve flexibility and grid interaction.

MKT4REC: Developing new business models and marketing tools for RECs, exploring dynamic and democratised markets.

DIG4REC: Creating a digital platform and intelligence to manage communities, applying advanced data processing techniques and artificial intelligence.

ACC4REC: Improving social acceptance and user participation in RECs, using co-creation and user-centred design approaches.

idrECO aims to not only lead the transformation of the energy sector, but also to put users at the heart of RECs. The vision ranges from sustainable business models to democratising access to renewable energy. The ambition is clear: to become an international benchmark in the development of renewable energy community solutions.

Technological and social advances

idrECO not only drives advanced technologies, such as digital platforms and artificial intelligence, but also promotes social advances. From ethics to energy justice, idrECO seeks equity and participation in the energy sector, using technology as a means to achieve significant social improvements.

The idrECO project, in which the BISITE group collaborates, represents a collective, multidisciplinary effort to address energy and sustainability challenges. From technological innovations to sustainable business models, idrECO is presented as a milestone in the transition to a more sustainable and equitable energy future.

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