The BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca continues to promote actions with a gender perspective. BISITE representatives have attended the second consortium meeting and the third general assembly meeting of the GILL project, in Greece, to highlight the progress in the ecosystem of effective participation, innovation and thought leadership of women and other traditionally underrepresented groups.

Álvaro Rosa González from BISITE and Margarita Cea from AIR Institute during the meeting activities

GILL's objectives include creating a pan-European hub for collaboration and learning, developing an open access IT-based learning platform that supports the functionality of the Hub, as well as providing proven methodologies, services and tools that enhance gender-smart innovation and entrepreneurship.

Marta Plaza, from BISITE, participates in the online session 

Our colleague Álvaro Rosa González attended the meeting on behalf of the BISITE Group, as leaders of one of the work packages of GILL, which works to provide proven methodologies, services and tools that increase innovation and smart entrepreneurship promoting practices to end gender gaps across social aspects. 

Alvaro Rosa Gonzalez of BISITE and Margarita Cea of AIR Institute during the meeting in Greece

The two days of work included thematic workshops, a summary of the outcomes and the next steps to be taken, an analysis of synergies with other similar initiatives and a debate on proposals for books to be published. 

Representatives of the GILL consortium in Greece

These have been intense and productive sessions aimed at promoting good practices in the Living Labs, improving professional development, increasing the integration of technologies and innovation, and enabling educational practices with a gender perspective.

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