For years, there has been a search for a means of developing a technology that would allow agencies and operators to implement a multimodal digital ticket for more efficient management and better customer service. Millions of users despair every year at having to handle multiple tickets when making use of several means of transport on the same journey, and the situation worsens when a connection is canceled or missed, as this generates a major problem for the customer and the agency.

The consortium formed by the University of Salamanca, through the BISITE Research Group, and Tourism Data Driven Solutions (TDDS) has managed to generate the first multimodal digital ticket supported by a single QR. It is OnePass, a software based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence that allows for the generation of multimodal digital tickets to serve the travel sector. Any type of means of transport that is digitized can be included in OnePass, generating a single identification code (QR) for all the tickets being issued.

In addition, thanks to its Machine Learning and Deep learning (Artificial Intelligence) models, developed by BISITE researchers (University of Salamanca), it automatically corrects any disruption and can generate recommendations and develop personalized services, products and travel.

The ticket will be covered by comprehensive insurance, which will respond to any disruption that may occur during the trip.

OnePass is financially supported by the RETOS program of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Research due to its large R&D&I component and it has entered the EU Accelerator program process. In addition, it is looking for investors to help it scale up internationally as rapidly as possible. This software is designed so that travel agencies can offer multimodal digital tickets to their customers, recovering their prominence in the travel sector.

A single QR for all tickets

OnePass allows to collect the individual information for each journey and to generate a single unique QR identifier with all the information integrated. In case of route changes, the QR remains unchanged, avoiding the hassle of resending new travel documents to the passenger. This is an innovation that has been long awaited by travel agencies, which are regaining prominence in the industry thanks to this solution.

In addition, AI will make it possible to react automatically to any disruption and to rethink the continuity of the trip on the basis of the rules set by the customer or the agency, allowing the customer to continue their journey with new tickets or alternative routes.

On the other hand, the system allows for information capture, data analysis and information representation, as well as the creation of user behavior patterns.

Smart Travel Tech

OnePass is one of the new technologies related to Smart Travel Destinations and is already recognized by SEGITTUR in its Directory of Solutions.

It improves the customer's experience, since the customer will have a single QR for all bookings to and from the final destination and will be covered by a comprehensive travel insurance, which will cover for any disruption during the journey.

In addition, it brings great value to Travel Agencies, which regain their prominence and increase the efficiency of integrated travel management.

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