Startup Olé 2023 is bringing together hundreds of startups, companies, entrepreneurs, and projects in Salamanca, from 4 to 7 September. The BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca is present at the tenth anniversary of the technological initiative coordinated by E. Corchado, member of the group-informing attendees about the projects and training offered.

In this context, BISITE presented InTrack (intelligent tracking of articulations in recently operated athletes). This is a project financed within the framework of the Call for Aid for Research Projects in Science and Technology applied to Health Beneficial Physical Activity (AFBS) and Sports Medicine, with funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. In this way, it is financed by the European Union through the NextGenerationEU funds, managed by the Spanish National Sports Council (Consejo Superior de Deportes) in its role as a promoting institution.

How does InTrack work?

InTrack consists of an electronic device worn by the patient (wearable technology) and stems from the need for a tool that can monitor the progress of a patient's knee recovery, being designed primarily for anterior cruciate ligament tears. The device consists of an orthosis that includes nine-axis accelerometers to measure the angle of rotation of the knee. Thus, the patient starts recovery with their leg fully straight and, as the weeks go by, is able to bend it at a greater angle. 

The patient uses an app that collects mobility data, and this data is monitored by healthcare professionals. In this way, the physiotherapist or traumatologist can monitor the patient via telemedicine on a web platform and verify if improvement is taking place. The system is also designed for further studies, allowing for a comparison of different rehabilitation techniques with a sufficiently large population sample to see which is most effective for different types of rupture, as well as different operations to find out which provides the best results.

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