We would like to share a report published in El Mundo Castilla y León, which describes an exciting project in which blockchain technology is being used to improve user experience. We have created the first tokenisation machine (creation of virtual currencies) of hotel assets and services for the smart tourism sector of developing countries with high tourism potential.

In this report, Juan Manuel Corchado, Director of the BISITE Research Group, describes the purpose of this initiative. "The project seeks to generate large-scale products and services through legally backed peer-to-peer networks, which will allow tourists to simplify the process of booking, using and enjoying the experience at their destination, seeking to democratise sustainable tourism and boost the local economy. "This will offer the possibility for individuals and families to experience different destinations in a sustainable, economic and safe way."

The platform, he explains, has an architecture based on a smart contract that acts as the 'brain' of the project, allowing for the creation and management of non-fungible tokens, which represent hotel rooms. "This smart contract runs on a variety of different blockchain platforms with corresponding records of the issued NFTs." In this way, he says, a decentralised and efficient hotel room reservation system is achieved, which also takes advantage of the benefits of these technologies.

A project promoted by the company Blue Ocean Corp of Ecuador and developed by the BISITE Group in collaboration with the hotel chain Best Western Hotels and Resorts, which has a global network of around 4,500 establishments in more than a hundred countries.  The pilot implementation project is in the Republic of Ecuador, specifically in the Aiden Best Western Hotel in the capital, Quito. It is already in operation there and will also be launched at the Glo by Western Playa Hotel on the South Pacific coast in the province of Manabí, as well as at the Best Western Hotel in the Galapagos Islands.

The Director of the BISITE Group says that the development of a specific marketplace is foreseen, which will act as a centralised point for the purchase, sale, and rental of NFTs. In this regard, he says that a critical aspect of the design is its compatibility with most existing NFT marketplaces.

You can read the full article here.

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