Last week, the students of the "Msc on Smart Maritime & Surveying Systems" from the SMARTSEA project, defended their Master Thesis. The defences were held both online and in person in Thessaloniki (Greece). 

The students' presented very well developed and insightful concepts which showed how much they had learned over the course of their degree.  The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain were the technologies that were at the core of the course, therefore; the researches contemplated one or more of those technologies in the application of maritime systems. 

The curriculum followed by the Master's students included interactive teaching methods and partnerships with expert, academic and maritime organisations. The aim of the course was to provide students with a solid background to start a successful career in the sector. For around 9 months, students have been able to spend 2 mobility periods collaborating in large scale laboratories; to then apply all the knowledge during the internship period.

At the BISITE Group, as coordinators of the project, we are grateful for the success of this first ever course, as it has been an excellent working group and we hope to continue training professionals in the smart maritime sector.  






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