Together with the Italian company Primo Principio, the BISITE research group is participating in WiForAgri 2021, a European project funded by the TETRAMAX consortium, an innovation action within the European H2020 framework. It is based on the creation of a low-power and low-cost IoT module based on Edge Computing technologies for use in smart agriculture scenarios.

Primo Principio is a cooperative company formed by engineers, agronomists, social scientists and digital artists. They have developed advanced skills and significant experience in IoT technologies applied to environmental monitoring systems with associated software and DSS services. With their experience in the area of agriculture and our expertise in the application of different technologies, we seek to develop a low-cost technological solution for advanced monitoring and management of agricultural crops.

estación meteorológica-WiForAgri

Weather station prototype-WiForAgri

Features of WiForAgri 2021


WiForAgri 2021 will be the first smart turnkey solution on the EU market within the reach of any farmer and is mainly based on:

  • An agrometeorological station built with high precision sensors and certified by WMO. Thanks to the use of low power consumption protocols the battery life is more than 2 years without any recharging system.
  • A decision support software service (DSS) with predictive modelling of crop diseases and agronomic management.
  • Additional unique software functions for advanced management of field actions (weather forecasting, treatment schedule, bioclimatic indices, etc.).
  • All this can be accessed through a single, easy-to-use software based on web interfaces.

Weather station prototype-WiForAgri

Benefits of WiForAgri 2021 for agriculture

  • Reduced use of pesticides: thanks to prediction models (DSS) it is possible to monitor the risk of diseases.
  • Optimal protection against pathologies: thanks to the use of DSS models, it is possible to carry out phytosanitary treatments at an optimal time.
  • Making the most of difficult harvests: by optimising treatment times, a higher quality end product is harvested, sometimes even in greater quantity.
  • Responding to climate change: plant protection based on prediction models allows for better protection against diseases even during certain climatic years.
  • Optimise water and fertiliser misuse: customised forecasting models dedicated to water balance and fertilisation organised to assess the water and nutrient (NPK) requirements of the specific crop on each crop plot in real time.
  • Agricultural land always under control: all the services included in the WiForAgri 2021 web platform allow users to remotely monitor the principal concerns on farms.


This solution will be of great help to farmers in obtaining better results by making use of new technologies. You can become a specialist and lead projects oriented to IoT technologies with our Master in Internet of Things by the University of Salamanca.

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