The University of Salamanca and the BISITE Research Group keep progressing with project implementation and provide employment opportunities to the students and graduates of our academic institution. 

On this occasion, the Advanced Intelligent Technology and Platforms team took on board three new members to work on the technical side of different initiatives at national and international levels. Their names are Marta Muñoz, Pablo Caño and Alberto Luengo; USAL students who have joined the projects thanks to research grants.

Marta Muñoz, a third-year student of Computer Engineering at the University of Salamanca who is primarily interested in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, and works on the backend architecture of different websites.

In turn, Pablo Caño is a student of the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Salamanca and works on automation and machine learning through the specialisation MLOps (Machine Learning Operations). He also contributes to the front-end development of other projects of the BISITE group.

Finally, Alberto Luengo, a third-year student of Computer Engineering, is, like Pablo, part of the MLOps section, ensuring that the implementation and maintenance of machine learning models is carried out properly.

Welcome to the team! If you would also like to learn about innovative technologies which will help you find professional development and job opportunities, you can sign up for the courses offered by BISITE: Master's Degree in Cybersecurity, Master's Degree in Digital Animation and Master's Degree in Digital Transformation.

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