The BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca continues to expand its team of researchers for national and international projects. On this occasion, in collaboration with the AIR Institute technology centre, Alejandro Flores and Isaac Daniel Sánchez have joined the Advanced Technology and Intelligent Platforms team to develop the backend of various initiatives.

Alejandro, a Senior Technician in Multiplatform Application Development and Web Application Development, has experience in web design and is dedicated to the development of backend projects with Python language and artificial intelligence at the University of Salamanca.

As for Isaac Daniel, he too is a Senior Technician in Multiplatform Application Development and Web Application Development, with the ability to program in Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, PHP and HTML. In addition, he has experience in querying databases, CSS style sheets and XML and JSON files. Specifically, he works on the backend of the Gendered Innovation Living Labs (GILL) project, in which the University of Salamanca participates through the BISITE Research Group and AIR Institute with representation of the IoT Digital Innovation Hub. The aim of this initiative, funded by the European Union, is to promote good practices in Living Labs to enable organisational and cultural changes, improve professional development, increase diversity in the design of products, technologies and innovation and enable educational practices with a gender perspective in different areas.

Alejandro and Isaac Daniel have joined a multidisciplinary team that is currently formed by more than 100 researchers in fields as diverse as physics, biology, computer science, economics and communication, among many others. If you would like to acquire training in innovative technologies that ensure job opportunities and professional development, you can enrol in one of BISITE's training programmes: masters’ degrees in Digital Animation, Digital Transformation, Lifelong Learning in ICT Resources in the Teaching-Learning Process or other courses on public speaking and communication 4.0, artificial neural networks, programming, robotics and more.

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