The BISITE Research Group from the University of Salamanca, is interested in hiring a graduate, preferably a Vocational Training graduate in electronics. Vocational Training graduates in electricity, automation, or specializations related to electronics and computer science would also be eligible.

We are looking for people who are passionate about new technologies and who would like to evolve as part of a multidisciplinary research team dedicated to IoT, Artificial Intelligence, intelligent spaces and continuous growth through new technologies. The tasks associated with this position are:

- PCB design, revision and welding

- Performing functional tests

- Microcontroller programming for both PIC and Arduino

- Knowledge of Arduino, Raspberry and/or Python

- Stockpiling, including stock control for the manufacture of series, purchase management

- Receiving engineering documentation and preparing assembly procedures, purchase lists

- Order Management

 Other valuable, but not obligatory skills:

- Design and 3D printing

- Knowledge of CNC technology

- Programming in Android, IOS, PHP, Html, BBDD


Skills: Analytical thinking. Achievement-oriented. Proactive and dynamic. Attention to detail. Creative, original and good communication skills. Ability to manage large amounts of information.

Contract: A full-time contract will be made for 6 months, extendable to 1 year and a half

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