Our colleague Marta Plaza is participating in several projects of the BISITE Group. Among them, the TECTONIC project, which has allowed her to carry out a new research stay in the H2O ROBOTICS company located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Marta is project manager and researcher at the BISITE Group and PhD student at the University of Salamanca. She is currently collaborating in the TECTONIC project, where she is developing an intelligent platform for the management of Underwater Cultural Heritage.

As part of the project, Marta is doing a new research stay in the H2O ROBOTICS company for two months. There, she is working with Jorge Herrera on the development of a data visualization platform that will be collected in the pilot sites of the project.

About the TECTONIC Project

The Tectonic project promotes cross-sector collaboration between academic and non-academic professionals (technical experts, archaeologists, conservators, geologists, engineers, computer scientists) working on different topics related to Underwater Cultural Heritage. It will also support the exchange of skills and knowledge among them to respond more efficiently and find new solutions to the complex problems that still exist in the field of underwater heritage.




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