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The potential outreach of 3D printing cannot be estimated. In the beginning it seemed to be a simple alternative to normal printing, however, it has now become essential in a range of areas and is spreading to others.One of the greatest advantages of this type of printing is the reduction of time and cost. In traditional manufacturing, the process of completing an assembly line may take several days and it entails cost of management, raw materials and resources which can be lost due to failures or changes required in a product.


Currently, mobile phones are an essential device in our daily life. These devices have been created so that citizens could stay communicated. However, they’ve evolved over time to offer a wide range of functionalities such as shopping, camera and endless applications to suit all users’ needs and wants.


Blockchain is a digital ledger that was created with the aim of protecting information coming from cryptocurrency transactions. However, its excellent performance and potential have led to its application in areas other than the economy. Blockchain impedes original information from being changed, as data from the previous block must match the data in the next one in order for it to work. Through the multiplication of information errors are also avoided.


If we move back in time to the first industrial revolution, between the years 1760 and 1830, we realize that this movement laid the foundations for today’s commerce, transport and communications. This revolution provided our society with many social, cultural and economic benefits.

After several centuries, the fourth industrial revolution has come about with unimaginable developments. Advanced human knowledge and the use of technologies are producing significant changes in manufacture.


Those who specialize in a technology related discipline enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities, both at home and abroad. Companies have an especially high demand for such professionals and they tend to offer employment to a large number of candidates. However, some of today’s most essential professions are hard to find on the market. Among the companies’ most needed profiles are IoT (Internet of things), Big data and Internet security experts.


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