Currently, mobile phones are an essential device in our daily life. These devices have been created so that citizens could stay communicated. However, they’ve evolved over time to offer a wide range of functionalities such as shopping, camera and endless applications to suit all users’ needs and wants.

The report from Ditrendia Mobile indicates that in 2017, the number of mobile phone users rose to 4,9 thousand million, this means that 66% of our population already has a mobile phone. The importance of those devices in our society is evident and their use increases. Many companies are therefore modifying their services or functionalities through mobile telephony, in order to reach their clients better.

The creation of different social networking apps and platforms has increased the use of those devices. In fact, we can find apps for very diverse sectors, such as health, entertainment, education, leisure etc., which respond to our social needs or provide us with more information.

Such is the growth of mobile technology that increasingly greater knowledge is needed for the creation of apps, software and solutions that combine the use of smartphones with objects, places and situations. Our BISITE Research Group is conscious of the impact and importance of this technology, for this reason it created a Master’s and Expert’s Degree in Mobile Telephony. This course aims to provide professionals with a range of skills, including multiplatform web applications development, Software Development for Android, 3D videogames development for mobile devices etc. You can become one of them. Go for it!




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