The Full Stack Developer course is organized by Global Exchange and the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca. The enrolled students will gain experience in the development of national and international projects in an influential company that has offices in 20 different countries. Thus, the course enables graduates to enrich their curriculum considerably.

Upon completing the course, graduates will have mastered the main front-end development technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap4, Vue.js), as well as different alternatives for back-end (Node.js, .NET) and content management (Liferay); they will be familiar with project planning and development using Agile Methodologies and continuous integration (Scrum, Agile SW, Jenkins).

Full Stack Developer is one of the most demanded and best paid professions on the labour market today, as shown in a report by HackerRank, "About 38% of companies are looking for a full-stack Developer, and the number rises to 43% in the case of small-scale companies".

This course offers quality training and you will acquire skills that will make you to stand out as a professional.


Scholarships will be awarded at random to three of the enrolled students!

     Information and Enrollment

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