Those who specialize in a technology related discipline enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities, both at home and abroad. Companies have an especially high demand for such professionals and they tend to offer employment to a large number of candidates. 

However, some of today’s most essential professions are hard to find on the market. Among the companies’ most needed profiles are IoT (Internet of things), Big data and Internet security experts Those professions have emerged as a result of the new industrial revolution and they require professionals who are willing to learn new things and go beyond their own areas of knowledge.

According to a survey done by the DigitalES employers' association on large technological companies, in Spain there are 10,000 vacancies for technology professionals. On a greater scale, according to the European Union, there are currently around 900 000 jobs throughout Europe, which cannot be fulfilled due to the lack of qualified staff. Given that the main European cities are soon to become smart cities, the main job offers and projects in this area require considerable training.

Not only in Europe but also in many developing countries in Latin America, there is high demand for employees in the areas of engineering, design, digital marketing, data analysis, information systems or mobile telephony.

It is therefore necessary to encourage students and working professionals in specializing in the disciplines that will continue to be in demand in the future. They go hand in hand with business change and new social challenges. Our university is aware of those needs and is committed to supplying demand for those profiles. It is now offering master's and expert courses in very recent disciplines, such as industry 4.0, blockchain, agile project management, smart cities, high-end corporate systems or 3D printing, as well as other degrees related to researching, designing and creating technological advances, which greatly contribute to our society.

In addition, the new job market demands employees who are receptive, have a creative attitude and are capable of working as a team, innovating and sharing ideas with their colleagues. The work model in technology-oriented companies is changing and so is the profile of their employees, as a result education by itself does not guarantee employment, but it does lay the foundations for achieving it. We want you to achieve your goals and will give you all the tools you need to do this. Don’t miss this opportunity!





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