Our colleague Fernando de la Prieta gave a lecture under the title "Origin and Evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Applications in Smart Cities", at the Artificial Intelligence and Civil Engineering Conference organised by the Association of Technical Engineers of Public Works at the facilities of the General Arroquia Barracks in Salamanca. 

Fernando De la Prieta during the day at the Acuartelamiento General Arroquia 

Artificial Intelligence has been with us for many years; however, this year is certainly the time of greatest expansion of this technology to date. Therefore, it is time to intensify training and knowledge about the impact of AI in different sectors.

On this occasion, those attending the conference were able to learn the basic principles of this technology and its application in smart cities with real use cases based on the Deep Intelligence platform, a tool developed by AIR Institute that transforms data into valuable information and helps companies make optimal decisions.

"Individual data alone is not useful, it is only the raw material which yields information once processed. However, data is only useful when it is available in sufficient volume because it is when it reveals trends and patterns (knowledge). Subsequently, wisdom emerges from the combination of knowledge and experience, while knowledge changes over time, wisdom is timeless, however, it all begins with the acquisition of data," said Fernando.

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