Digital animation is an art that combines creativity and technology. Different programs make it possible to give life to characters and design images and situations. Thanks to this valuable discipline, we can enjoy today’s movies, series, cartoons and other entertaining illustrations. This area provides professionals with powerful tools that add value to their imagination, giving digital animators the comfort to work on personal projects and to contribute their knowledge to artistic productions.

There is a wide range of tools that can be used in the creation of characters for a production. Those who are interested in doing a degree in digital animation will learn to use different design programmes: Auto Cad, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator and Unity.

Professional opportunities in this area are very diverse, from among a large number of options, digital animators can work in advertisement agencies, in companies that develop websites and apps, in the videogames industry, on television channels, and TV and cinema production companies. Undoubtedly, digital animation graduates have plenty of choices.

Spain is the fifth largest world producer. In Europe, it is the second largest producer of animated feature films, according to the data in the whitepaper on digital animation. In 2017, the sector employed 7.450 digital animators and had a turnover of 654 million euro. It is, therefore, an area with many work opportunities both in Spain and internationally.

The importance of this area persuaded the University of Salamanca to create a degree for those who want to become professional animators. The Master’s and Expert’s Degrees in Digital Animation will provide you with both, artistic and technological tools, you will only have to crank up your creativity! Are you up for it?.  

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