Fabio Almeida and Santiago Sánchez, students from the University of Salamanca that have been selected to join the LA PASSION Project in Uberaba (Brazil), where, they will work along with other students from Brazil, Uruguay, Portugal, Finland and Chile. They will be there from March 18th to May 24th participating in the project, researching and proposing solutions to the "Food for future" challenge.

La PASSION, (Latin-America Practices and Soft Skills for an Innovation Oriented Network), is a project in which multidisciplinary students of different nationalities participate and work together to create new products, services or prototypes in different areas.

An enriching project during which Fabio and Santiago, guided by academics, will be able to enjoy 10 weeks of learning, teamwork and enthusiasm working on an initiative of the European Union's Erasmus + programme and the capacity building plan for higher education institutions directed by the teaching, audiovisual and Executive Agency for Culture (EACEA).


Enjoy your stay!

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