BISITE's researchers know how to make the most of Artificial Intelligence and they certainly put their knowledge into practice! AI is characteristic of the majority of our research projects.

Pablo Chamoso, Juan M. Corchado, Marco Unzueta, Carlos Martín, Alesandro Gómez, Víctor Ramos, and many others are currently working on several research projects. Although the objectives of those projects vary greatly, they have a common means of achieving them, namely, Artificial Intelligence.

Proyectos ROBIN y My-TRAC

One of the projects our group is currently working on focuses on the design of algorithms for the analysis of current or future client profiles in the banking sector. These analyses will facilitate decision-making, define a specific risk profile, recommend products or services, liquidate positions and much more.

Proyectos ROBIN y My-TRAC

We are also working on development of a platform for travellers and operators. Important companies and international institutions are involved in this project.  The AI techniques deployed in the platform improve the experience of using either public or private transport.

Proyectos ROBIN y My-TRAC

We are sure that AI will continue to be an important technology at our lab and that it will continue to help us crystalize new ideas.

To learn more about some of our projects go to:

ROBIN: (in collaboration with UD IBÉRICA (

My-TRAC: (in collaboration with: The Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Sparsity SL, the Technische universiteit Deft, Aethon Symvouli Michaniki Monoprosopi IKE, Experis ManpowerGroup, STRA LDA, ATTIKO METRO AE and Union int. Transports. Public.

These projects have been launched by the Digital Innovation Hub We encourage you to join the Hub and participate in the calls organized by us.

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