Welcome CHROMOSOME, thank you Javier Prieto.

Yesterday morning, we proudly enjoyed a public presentation of the CHROMOSOME Project, which is led by our fellow researcher, Javier Prieto. This project is part of the Talent Attraction Program promoted by the Salamanca City Council, in collaboration with the University of Salamanca, the CSIC and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology. This is a very important program and it is endorsed by top-level Spanish scientists who are part of the scientific advisory committee, chaired by the Spanish biochemist Mariano Barbacid.


CHROMOSOME is being conducted in the Department of Computer Science and Automation of the University of Salamanca, within the Bisite group, and its objective is to research and improve users' habits in terms of energy use, through the development and application of artificial intelligence techniques, Blockchain and social computing. CHROMOSOME is fully in line with the principles set out in the programme, as it works for the benefit of the city of Salamanca. It promotes the talent industry and develops opportunities for young people to enable them to fulfil their career plans in Salamanca.

Javier Prieto  is an expert researcher in R&D projects, with an outstanding trajectory at both national and European levels. Javier holds a PhD in Information Technology and Telecommunications from the University of Valladolid and an extraordinary doctorate award. Since 2007 he has worked in different public and private research centres, most notably, for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before joining the Talent Attraction programme, he enjoyed a postdoctoral Torres Quevedo contract awarded by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.


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