The Ministry of Industry finances the Prisma Project, with file TSI-101000-2016-008, through the European FEDER funds. The Project is being developed by Isotrol and the University of Salamanca through the BISITE Research Group. These funds aim to promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

The purpose of Prisma, is to create a computer platform for data management in companies. The aim of the platform is to optimize all the stages of the  industrial process, making the planning and management of product manufacture much more efficient

This project is a step forward in the development of Industry 4.0, in which the Internet of Things is continuously gaining in importance. The dynamism of the market makes it necessary to manufacture increasingly competitive products. The fourth industrial revolution implies a reduction in expenses through the optimization of resources and  digitalization that provides more information, making the process much more efficient.

The objective of the PRISMA project is to contribute to this area, through the application of diverse technique; the digitalization and connection of all parts of the process leads to the use of Big Data, Predictive Data Analytics, advanced management of knowledge bases, etc. As well as the development of control models and the efficient use of data collected in the industrial process. After studying the data, statistics are extracted and analyzed so that companies can discard or modify inefficient processes and enhance those that are efficient, leading to their maximum productivity.


The project has been in development since October 2016 and will last for two years, with its end scheduled for December 2018. By then, it is expected that industry 4.0 will reach great maturity, turning the industrial process into a digitized path in which The extraction of all possible data and its use as a predictive basis will be fundamental. Companies require this technology to achieve maximum competitiveness, reducing the costs of inefficient and unproductive processes. As for the platform developed in the Prisma Project, it will eliminate all defective products and errors that can be found  in the industry, this will be possible thanks to a predictive system that bases its operation on the data collected from the processes.


All the information on the development of the PRISMA Project can be found on the website:

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