The Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal (ADCAIJ) is an open access journal that publishes articles which contribute new results associated with distributed computing and artificial intelligence, and their application in different areas.

Sumary of issue #2

  • AMADEUS: an adaptive multi-agent system to learn a user’s recurring actions in ambient systems by Valérian Guivarch, Valérie Camps and André Péninou
  • User-independent accelerometer-based gesture recognition for mobile devices by Xian Wang, Paula Tarrío, Ana M. Bernardos, Eduardo Metola and José R. Casar
  • Firearm Classification using Neural Networks on Ring of Firing Pin Impression Images by Saadi Bin Ahmad Kamaruddin, Nor Azura Md Ghani, Choong-Yeun Liong and Abdul Aziz Jemain
  • Knowledge in Value Creation Process for Increasing Competitive Advantage by Anna Závodská, Veronika Šramová and Anne-Maria Aho
  • Network Management using Multi-Agents System by Gustavo Isaza, Maria H. Mejía, Luis Castillo, Adriana Morales and Nestor Duque
  • Design Smart Games with requirements, generate them with a Click, and revise them with a GUIs by Vincenza Cofini, Fernando De La Prieta, Tania di Mascio, Rosella Gennari, Pierpaolo Vittorini
  • Multi-agent simulations for emergency situations in an airport scenario by Ana Cristina Bicharra, Nayat Sanchez-Pi, Luis Correia and José Manuel Molina
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