Those doing the Master's Degree in Intervention for Alzheimer's Disease Sufferers, at the University of Salamanca, had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Limcasalud, a polyclinic specialized in the care and rehabilitation of children and adults who have suffered some kind of neurological damage.

Neuro rehabilitation, neuropsychology and therapeutic techniques that leverage the latest technologies, are benchmarks in Castile and León. Limcasalud is the only centre that offers innovative and specialized treatment that involves the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Alumnos USAL en Limcasalud

Students have seen the therapeutic swimming pool, the footbath for the treatment of stroke, head trauma, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and other injuries that require personalized attention.

Specialized doctors, therapists and nurses took this opportunity to learn about the latest techniques employed in the treatment of different diseases. The objective of the centre is to offer both patients and their families the possibility of recovering in a space adapted to their limitations and to teach them the skills they need to achieve the maximum level of independence.

Limacasalud implements the VirtualReab platform which uses Virtual Reality (VR) in therapy, making the rehabilitation process more attractive and motivating the patients to recover faster. Moreover, the therapist evaluates the patient's progress through telemonitoring.

Alumnos USAL en Limcasalud

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