Sergio Miguel Tomé has just received funding from the prestigious Marie Curie Global Fellowship programme to launch a project, under the supervision of Professor Juan M. Corchado, in the BISITE research group at the University of Salamanca and the State University of New York Health Science Centre at Brooklyn with the collaboration of Professor Herman Moreno, to advance the understanding of the extracellular space (ES) of the brain.

The ES is one of the least understood parts of the brain, although it is a key in neuropharmacology due to its importance in drug delivery. In addition, the important metabolite-removal activity that occurs through the EEG has led to current research into its role in neurodegenerative diseases.

The project, called HESSP (Hippocampus Extracellular Space Simulator Project), will last three years and will involve renowned researchers. Congratulations Sergio, we are sure that you will do an excellent job and make a great contribution to humanity.

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