BISITE researcher, Denisa Kera, presented the possibilities of AI and blockchain technologies at EAT - BIOTOPIA Festival exploring the themes of Food, Health and Sustainability that took place in Munich on May 26, 2019.

BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern offered installations, lectures, workshops on food, science and technology visited by over 3,500 visitors.

Comida, IA y blockchain en el Festival EAT BIOTOPIA

With her collaborators from the Extreme Biopolitical Bistro, she set up a lab where people could train AI to chew with machine learning algorithms used for noise detection.

Denisa design personalized dinners based on SNP/DNA data and nutrigenomics, create an individual sauce recipe on the basis of algorithms, discuss smart contracts for environmental sinners or make popular lollipops with circuits that flash LEDs.


The diverse program of exhibitions, hands-on activities, experimental tastings, lectures and discussions let visitors literally “taste the future”.

You can learn about these and other technologies with our master's degree in Blockchain, more information at

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