This summer we have had the pleasure of having Professor Wataru among us. He belongs to the Technological Institute in Osaka, Japan. This research stay has taken place within the context of the existing collaboration agreement between this japanese institution and the University of Salamanca.


During June, July and August, he has been closely working with several members of BISITE research group on the interchange of knowledge within his research lines, such as Human-Computer interaction by haptic technology or stereoscopic projections.

Haptic technology is a set of technological interfaces interacting with human being by the sense of touch. This technology, which emerges in the 1990s, is evolving in several application fields and a new method to generate virtual-reality content has been necessary.


By developing the proper software and hardware, it is possible to provide applications to help in patient’s rehabilitation with mobility problems or  in image displaying in medical testing, besides the development of video games and the development of applications for educational purposes, among others.


Thanks to Professor Wataru’s work these months, it has been possible to establish stronger bonds with the Technological Institute of Osaka, so we would like to thank Professor Wataru his stay within our research group BISITE.

As always, for any further information, we are available in our web portal and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+


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