As part of the activities organised by the NOUS project, the workshop "Merging Cloud, Edge and Quantum in cross-border innovation: The cornerstone of Europe's new digital era" will take place on 22 May. In an online mode, the workshop aims to analyse the important aspects of Cloud, Edge and Quantum in cross-border innovation, their correct development and efficient operation.

The meeting will explain in detail the three central points governing this project: computational components, edge computing and storage. These aspects are studied individually in order to achieve significant progress in this field. The synergy derived from their combination is also discussed, as it creates an end-to-end cloud architecture and services that will facilitate the efficient processing of massive amounts of data in Europe.

The workshop will feature a talk on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) by Diego Valdeolmillos, researcher at the AIR Institute, who will discuss the numerous applications beyond cryptocurrencies, including supply chain management, product traceability, e-voting, digital identity management, smart contracts, and more.

We will also have the chance to attend an interesting presentation on "Federated learning and natural language processing for secure customer service chatbots", given by Yeray Mezquita, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and researcher at the AIR Institute. 

After a detailed presentation of the project, the event will conclude with the creation of an interactive mural summarising the main guidelines that will lead the actions to be carried out at this stage, aimed at consolidating computational and data storage resources. In addition, at the end, participants will have time to ask questions arising from the presentation.

The European project "A catalyst for European Cloud Services in the era of data spaces, high-performance and Edge computing" (NOUS) was launched in January 2024 and has a strong alliance of 21 partners from 11 European countries. It is envisaged that this initiative will deliver cloud infrastructure and platforms as a service, with a specific focus on decentralisation. The effectiveness of this project will be measured based on its implementation in four use cases that will allow to test these technologies in real-world situations.

Anyone who would like to participate in the workshop can register by clicking on the following link


22 May 2024

10:00-10:10 CET Opening & welcome

10:10-10:30 CET The NOUS project: goals & methodology

10:30-11:00 CET Distributed Ledger Technologies | Diego Valdeolmillos

11:00-11:30 CET Federated Learning and Natural Language Processing for Secure Customer Service Chatbots | Yeray Mezquita

11:30-11:40 CET Coffee break

11:40-12:00 CET Key results from previous NOUS workshop

12:00-12:30 CET MURAL collaborative activity 2:30-13:00 CET Discussion & Q/A

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