In order to improve the interpretation of retinal images, the BISITE research group developed Altair, a software that expedites and strengthens the analysis of such images, automating tasks that are currently done manually. With regard to previous systems, Altair offers greater precision in the analysis of data having worked on clearing algorithms, which makes it possible to obtain more information from the images, and to do so automatically...

From 4th to 6th of June, the University of Salamanca will be the headquarters of a new edition of PAAMS (, international congress about Artificial Intelligence where more than 300 researchers from all over the world are participating. BISITE, the Bioinformatics, Intelligent computing Systems and educational Technology research group will be organizing this event.

The conference, which is now in its 12th edition, has been celebrated since more than 10 years ago in Salamanca and in it, experts in practical agent applications and multi-agent systems (system networks interacting to each other in complex actions development) get together.

From 4th to 6th of June, the University of Salamanca welcomes PAAMS: an international congress about Artificial Intelligence where Geminoid HI-4, the fourth version of the ultra-realistic robot capable of talking and showing happiness and concern expressions trough facial motions, will participate actively. The android has been created by the team leaded by Hiroshi Ishiguro, full professor at the University of Osaka and also leader of the Advanced Telecommunications Laboratory with his name in Japan.

Leandro Nunes de Castro is a professor at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He is the director of the Natural Computing Laboratory, where he works on the development of computing tools based on natural phenomena to solve complex real-world problems. He has been in Salamanca since January to work with the BISITE research team.

Natural Computing can be used to analyze the data used by researchers in the study of neural behavior; for example, to study the electrical signals that can predict whether a person will experience an epileptic seizure...


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