Employment contract in the BISITE Research Group. Postdoctoral call offer in the framework of the project Moviurban, "Social Machine for sustainable management Smart cities: Urban Mobility, open data, Mobile Sensors". (Project Reference: SA70U16) (Call: 2016/02/25 of the Counseling of Education). Deadline open until August, 18. Spaniards and foreigners complying with the provisions of Article 57.4 of the Law 7/2007 may participate in this call.


Energy efficiency adapted to the user

The SURF project proposes an improvement in urban mobility. The project includes the participation of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, King Juan Carlos University and the BISITE Research Group of The University of Salamanca.

Framed within the challenge of the Sustainable, Smart and Inclusive Transport strategy, one of the seven social challenges identified by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 program, it aims to contribute to the new model of smart city

Smart Cities

Innovation and technology

A smart city is an "efficient infrastructure ecosystem", where citizens, assisted by a communications network and the appropriate infrastructure for this type of modern city, significantly improve their quality of life.

We could say that smart cities are a living entity immersed in a continuously improving cycle the information technologies they comprise.

Inteligencia Artificial

The pioneers: Walter Pitts, Warren McCulloch y Alan Turing

It is no longer uncommon to talk about a machine's ability to reason like a human, or about robots that perform dangerous tasks. Science fiction had already opened our minds to the potential of Artificial Intelligence. As recently as 1942 Isaac Asimov wrote the book Runaround, where we can read the now famous Laws of Robotics. 


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