Researchers from the BISITE Group have participated in Network Meeting 4 (NM4) of the IoTalentum project, held at the University of Aalborg, Copenhagen.

The aim of the event was to evaluate the progress of the project and to assess the fulfilment of the proposed objectives, as well as to offer training on technologies such as Cybersecurity or the Internet of Things to the selected researchers within IoTalentum.


Juan Manuel Corchado during his presentation at IoTalentum's Network Meeting 4 (NM4).

Juan Manuel Corchado, director of the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca, participated as leader of the cybersecurity work package, with a presentation that brought attendees closer to the current state and challenges of cybersecurity in different areas, but especially with the Internet of Things.

Sergio Márquez during his presentation at IoTalentum's Network Meeting 4 (NM4).

Our colleague Sergio Márquez continued along these lines with a presentation on IoT applications. Taking into account that the use of this technology is one of the main objectives of the project.

Mahmoud Abbasi and Sebastián López also presented the progress of their research activity as doctoral students. 

Sebastián López during his presentation at IoTalentum's Network Meeting 4 (NM4).

Throughout the grant obtained through the IoTalentum project, Sebastian will work on probabilistic residential load forecasting under high uncertainty and volatility. The detection of anomalies in smart meter data plays an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of an electricity system. Therefore, his research will focus on demonstrating the application of blockchain and IoT to manage an energy centre. 

In this regard, we will work together with Digitel TS to develop a new bechmarking platform for blockchain technology.

 Mahmoud Abbasi during his presentation at IoTalentum's Network Meeting 4 (NM4).

For his part, Mahmoud presented the activities that he has been developing as ESR during his time as an IoTalentum member and the objectives to be achieved. In his latest research he proposes a new consensus mechanism, called Aging-based PoS.

It has been a very enriching event which showed that both the project and the postdoctorate students who participate in it have made significant progress. 



IoTalentum is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program within the framework of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions ITN-ETN with grant number 953442. 
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